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I am worried for the future of humanity – we are becoming sicker and sicker

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I mean this is just crazy. I remember people working hard until they are old. They could walk, work, had stronger bones then now. The rise in knee and hip surgeries have dramatically increased.

Based on this site more and more people are getting TKR (total knee replacement surgery).

Over the past decade, the rate of knee surgeries has risen dramatically from 378,000 in 2003 to an estimated 704,000 in 2012, according to a government report released in 2012. The report also finds that people are getting knee surgery at younger and younger ages.

And I am almost sure why! You remember all these actors, movie stars with strong teeth. Remember our parents, at least most of older generations have no problem with their teeth. They had fillings, maybe caps sometimes, but not often.

However, look into the situation now, young people are getting caps on their teeth, lumineers etc. That did not happen 2 or 3 decades before. People had strong teeth 30, 40 years back.

Same goes for hips. As you see in the quote above, we are getting sicker and sicker.

Our bones are giving up on us.

I know it for myself. When I used that old cathode monitor for computer, now they are replaced with LCDs, I always felt bad after using computer. My teeth started to hurt; they became porous, chip off, my eyesight worsened.

And here is the truth. We are suffering from our society development. We are surrounded with radiation everywhere we go. And EMF fields have strong effect on our bones.

There are studies that people who carried their mobile phone on specific side pocket, they had a problem with that hip exactly. This is just freaking me out. Now you see so many people can’t walk normally. They are all messed up. I remember my grandma. She was vital at 60s, even 70s. Both of my grandmas. They got a hip replacement in 80s, but it was from an accident.

Even so, still look at people now, they have worse and worse bone quality. We have problems with our teeth, starting with teenagers, enamel chipping off, young people getting caps. When I was in high school, every kid had perfect teeth. No caps whatsoever.

What is happening with us is worrying me. I think we are digging our own grave, and nobody see the right picture. People are getting sicker and sicker for various ailments. And still they have their mobile phone on, wireless all the time, etc.

And nobody will tell them that. Government suppresses every proof that EMF fields are dangerous. What can we do?

I think in the future, something needs to change. Alternatively, we will all become part robots, part humans because of high radiation all around us.

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