EMF Consultation Services, EMF Skype Guide

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I have decided to offer online electromagnetic fields protection services and EMF Consultation, how to protect yourself against harmful EMF radiation. Many people are asking me for advice via email or phone so I have decided to offer my skills over Skype online.

I can guide you step-by-step on how to make your home, office perfectly safe and free of harmful radiation. You will feel better, sleep better,  have more energy, and have less chance to develop some chronic disease, that will ruin your life. What is better than being healthy and enjoy your life?

From my 20 year experience, EMF radiation damage to your body can be in many cases irreparable. That means when the electromagnetic fields actually change the tissue in your body, it is in many times impossible to get your health back. I am talking about chronic diseases.

That is why I always suggest people practice preventative steps. Living in a healthy environment and reducing EMF exposure is vital these days.

We can use Skype or phone for the EMF consultation. I can offer you the best advice on how to protect your home, office against harmful radiation. I can help you figure out how to completely eliminate harmful EMF radiation sources which can damage your health.

As a bonus, you will get my ultimate protection DVD guide free.

If you purchase my consultation services over skype or phone, you will get out Ultimate EMF Protection DVD for free…..

I can give you the following EMF advice when you apply for online consultation:

  • Advice on what EMF shielding to buy, how to apply EMF protection shielding, that can eliminate  99% of harmful EMF radiation, high-frequency fields
  • We can give you special discount on EMF shielding, up to 10%…
  • You will find out how to quickly protect your body while sleeping
  • How to protect yourself  against harmful EMF radiation when you’re away from home
  • I will guide you on how to fix your house and make it healthy
  • I have inspected over 200 houses, apartments and businesses during the last 20 years
  • How to completely disable the Wi-Fi in your home and still use the Internet
  • How to protect yourself against harmful ley lines (so-called Earth radiation), and can analyze your sleeping area with my intuitive skills and can exactly pinpoint where the Hartman and Curry lay lines are, so you can move your bed to a healthier spot. This can be done via pendulum
  • I can give you advice which EMF meters  to buy and  help you get a special discount
  • You will sleep better, feel better, be more relaxed and not stress about EMF fields
  • After 1 week you will start feeling healthier, calmer, have more energy…
  • 5G is coming, we have a solution how to protect your home against 5G

If you decide to use EMF consultation services sign up below, the call is open-ended and we can talk about other topics related to EMF  that concern you.

I have inspected in person several hundred homes so I know what I’m doing. The EMF  is really dangerous, and even though the government still does not reveal the truth about EMF radiation and how EMF can damage our genes, bodies, we have the option to protect ourselves.

Sign up today and let’s make your home healthy and free of EMF radiation. Check also the EMF Protection Guide…which is included in EMF CONSULTATION PACKAGE

My DVD and consultation are a perfect way for you to learn how to always be protected against EMF fields.



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