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Smartphone Eye Damage FIXED!!

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I have some good news. Remember the previous article that I link here where I mentioned how I get blurry vision every time I used Samsung S8 phone? I found a fix for Smartphone Eye Damage. Again there are so many false tips on the Internet why your eyes hurt, why you get blurry vision etc.

I was googling this problem that I have and I came across a few articles. Some were spot on because they claim that the problem is in infrared radiation, light emitted from your phone. This infrared technology is used to detect your face, to recognize your iris etc.

Other so-called experts claimed that the problem of smartphone eye damage is in blue light that is emitted by screens. The government does not want to reveal that the problem is in microwave radiation, infrared emissions etc. they claim that the problem is in blue light that is emitted by screens.

But here’s the problem. I could work on my free radiation laptop the whole day and I didn’t get any problems with my eyes. And then suddenly I get burning sensation in my eyes, later on blurry vision from just using a phone for a few seconds. I really don’t trust the government. And you shouldn’t also.

And each time I started to use my Samsung phone I had this burning feeling behind my eyes. A few hours later I noticed that my vision is blurry. I was watching my TV and I could barely read the subtitles. Oh yes, I just mentioned TV. If you have any kind of problems watching your smart TV, check this article that I wrote called Radiation Free Smart TV..

I was afraid to even use my phone because each time my vision got blurry. The eyesight eventually came back after a day or two, but I just hated that the Samsung is using this kind of technology that can hurt your eyes. Some people even get glasses because they think they’re just getting old. But in fact, the infrared technology, wireless and other emissions from your phone slowly damage your eyesight.

BBC even did an article on this problem, read it here 

Smartphone Eye Damage In The Past And A FIX

I talked to my mom and she told me that nobody was wearing glasses when she was little. People had perfect eyesight. This new technology, EMF emissions, radiation is slowly killing us, or at least creating new problems in our bodies that our great parents never knew about.

The question is are you going to fix your phone or you are going to start wearing glasses. Here’s what I did.

I knew that the problem is on the front of the phone. I already disabled Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and put the phone into airplane mode. The problem still existed. Each time I turn on the phone and look at the screen I felt the sharp sensation at the back of my eyes. On the front of my Samsung phone, there are two small holes. One is the front-facing camera and the other is an infrared sensor. I just took the piece of tape and just covered the infrared sensor. It worked. My phone is working, my eyes feel okay, I don’t get blurry vision anymore after using a phone etc.

So here is exactly what I did:

mobile phone blurry vision

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