Electro Sensitivity – Is There A Cure For It

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I came across a lot of people who were extremely electrosensitive. What does it mean to have Electromagnetic hypersensitivity? It means your life is difficult. You are sensitive to many different specters of electromagnetic fields. You may be sensitive to old cathode TVs, or wireless, or maybe just mobile phones or basically anything that emits EMF fields.

I see people had to go live away from civilization because we are surrounded by EMF fields all the time. SO these poor people move to special villages, where there is no wireless internet, mobile signal etc…

The easiest solution is to grab my EMF protection guide and learn how to measure and avoid these EMF fields easily.

I know these villages really exist. For example in Sweden and other countries.

For example here is the video of a city like that in the USA, where there is no mobile signal, wireless emissions etc.

The symptoms are vast and strong. Some people get really sick, have nausea, physical pain, depression…etc.

What you can do to lessen the symptoms from my experience is to fix your energy system. Your meridian energy system is broken, that is why you experience such side effects, while other people can sleep with a wireless antenna under the pillow and feel nothing.

I myself use tapping, where I tap on specific points on my body to increase the energy flow through my meridians and at the same time I focus on symptoms I experience from EMF exposure.

Get help here for emf electromagnetic sensitivity

Also read more about this EMF sanctuary, where you can be free of EMF exposure

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  1. bnak703@gmail.com
    Patrick Behevos enter my home through Wi-Fi February 2017, white supremacist/nationalist/skinheads/immigrants.Two white,three Latinos homeowners.24/7 surveillance, abuse, D.E.W. attack. Major health issues. Under treatment for white Cells damage, eyes, heart, gastro/gut issues, Etc. No help from authorities. Connected to satellites. Severe pain head, ears, been poked over my entire body, electronically. Damage to major appliances, cars, property. Oxnard is a Confederate flag mentality/mindset. Patrick would say, go away, we don’t want you here, 2 yrs ago he said this is your last chance. prior, white males came from Kansas, Utah, Arizona, etc. I wrote down few license plates, I was afraid. Patrick ran most neighbors out. My medical attorney for my son, says Patrick is allegedly a sociopath. I say psychopath. I’m a retired adult special education teacher, conservator and artist. So I’m not a spring chicken, I live a low-key lifestyle and they are trying to force me out of the neighborhood. I’m the only black neighbor left. Edward Of electronic harassment special solution Co. P.I.#380, Chicago, pd $2100 for a report (incomplete). Later, Roger Torices of Bugsweep.com said Chicago Co. Was a scammer. I’ve purchased Manny costly shielding devices/clothes. I’m broke. Roger Torices, Bugsweep cost $ 2500+1500. So I’m broke. So I do research and Hope for light at the end of tunnel. Meditate and pray.
    Sincerely, bnak703@gmail.com cautious about using my Name. Thank You

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