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Top 10 Effective Tips For Safer Use Of Mobile Phones

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Here are my top 10 tips on how to use mobile phones safer:

Safer use of mobile phone tip 1

Try to make short calls and as few as possible. The longer your phone call the more you are exposed to EMF radiation.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 2

Try to use the speaker on your mobile phone. That way you can keep your mobile phone away from your body. Extend your arm, turn on the speaker. The mobile phone radiation becomes weaker if it’s away from your body. Even if you use a headset, the radiation usually travels through the wires and ends up in your head. The headset acts like an antenna when you’re making a phone call. The strength of EMF radiation rapidly diminishes with distance from it.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 3

Put the phone into airplane mode, or shut it down when you’re carrying it in the pocket. Even if you’re not making calls, the mobile phone still connects to the network and emits EMF radiation. It is not as strong as when you are making a call but it’s still dangerous to the body.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 4

Avoid using a mobile phone inside the cars and other vehicles. The radiation inside vehicles is much stronger when you’re making a call because you are in the metal cage. Radiation becomes stronger inside the vehicle because a mobile phone has difficulty to connect to the mobile network. That is why it emits stronger high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The metal enclosure of the vehicle blocks the radiation. But you are sitting inside that metal enclosure.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 5

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone when you don’t need it. You can still use the apps without the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in most cases, play games etc. But you are able to enjoy a mobile phone with less radiation.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 6

If you want to eliminate all the high-frequency radiation from a mobile phone you have to put the mobile phone into airplane mode. Besides that, you need to also turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your mobile phone. Even though the phone is in airplane mode it still emits Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 7

Buy a mobile phone with lower SAR value if possible. Find out which mobile phones are safer.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 8

Try to minimize using apps that use background data traffic. There are many mobile phone apps that work in the background even though you’re not using them. I have seen some apps turn on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option without any alert. So if you have disabled Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your phone these apps can turn it back on without you knowing it.

Safer use of mobile phone tip 9

Connect the mobile phone to cable Internet. If you are using the mobile phone often because of the apps on your mobile phone, you can buy a special USB cable and connect your phone to a cable Internet WLAN. Check Amazon and search for the appropriate cable for your mobile phone

cable for connecting a mobile phone to WLAN

Safer use of mobile phone tip 10

Disable face recognition, face tracking, iris recognition. It is proven that the new generation of mobile phones emits infrared or laser waves to detect your face, iris etc. many people are complaining that they have a headache when they using new generation mobile phones like Samsung S8 and S9 and iPhone eight and iPhone X. IR radiation and lasers can cause serious side effects on your eyes. I have experienced this myself because I’m the owner of Samsung S8 mobile phone. I get blurry vision after using my phone. Before I have iPhone 4 and I’ve never experienced any eyestrain or headache when looking at the screen.

Ir danger laser mobile phone

I created a great EMF protection guide where you can learn how to protect yourself against EMF radiation.


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