This is why you should throw away electric clock

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Do you still use electric clock near your bed – Beware

Here is a definitive proof why you should throw away your electric clock. People usually have these clocks near the bed, near their heads. And the emissions of electric and magnetic fields are extreme. You should keep this clock away from your body at least 2, 3 meters. This way you will avoid any long term strong electromagnetic exposure to your body.

I made this video just to show you how strong the emissions are. I have measured my old clock, I used years ago. I am not using it anymore.

Here is the list of the fields that CRT displays emit. Throw them away today!!!

  • X-rays and ultraviolet (UV) light (wavelengths below 400 nm).
  • Visible light at the frequency range 4.3-7.5×10~4 Hz generated due to the interaction of electrons with the phosphor layer inside the CRT causes the emission of visible radiation from the screen.
  • Infrared (IR) radiation from heat generated by the electronics circuitry.
  • RFRg enerated by the electrical pulses, oscillator, and digital circuits.
  • VLF electric and magnetic fields generated by the horizontal deflection system on the CRT and the high-voltage flyback transformer.
  • ELF electric and magnetic fields generated by the power supply, vertical deflection system, transformer, and electrons impinging on the screen.
  • Static electric fields associated with high voltages applied to the internal surface of the cathode screen.
  • Ion depletion in air environment
  • Chemical gases from hardware materials.

If you still use old catode TVs or CRT monitors, throw them away now. Replace them with new LCD monitors and LCD TVs.


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