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Let me introduce myself. I am Bob Vaughan Morr. I have been always interested in health, well being. I was very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and especially high-frequency fields, microwaves, etc. First I was very sick when I watched the big old TVs that we had years ago. Those were cathode TV screens. And I always felt tired after watching TV for some time. I just did not feel healthy. When I switched to TFT, LCD monitors, all my problems went away. I was very sensitive to electric outlets near my head too when I slept. When I learned about low-frequency fields and disconnected electric outlets near my head, I slept much better.

Then there were first car mobile phones, big scary things, I was once in a car with a person that used that phone, and after coming home my head hurt all day. I have never experienced a headache like that. Later I found out, those phones emitted super high emf fields.

When I was young I also visited the local radiesthesia club where we talk about dowsing, earth lines, Curry and Hartman ley lines, etc. I borrowed a pair of L-antennas from a member of the radiesthesia club and I immediately could detect ley lines. I did not have to learn anything. Being a sensitive person has good and bad sides. Professionally detecting ley lines in people’s homes is a positive side, but being very sensitive to EMF fields is not always good.

Then there were old computer monitors, prior to LCD monitors. My goodness, I could not sit beside a computer for more than a few minutes. I felt the heat in my head. My eyes burned. My fingers hurt too. My eyesight got much worse after using cathode monitors for a few years. I am still not using glasses but my eyesight is not perfect. It is still kind of ok, but it is damaged forever.

When I switched to the LCD monitor, I could finally start using my computer for more than 30 minutes per day. In fact, I am using it for business every day for at least eight hours.

I have no headache. My eyes don’t burn. It seems like the whole head area was receiving bad emissions from old monitors. Those emissions were protruding inside my face, eyes, brain, teeth, throat, chest, abdomen, etc.

Nobody really cared. Nobody alarmed the public about the emf radiation of old monitors. There was too much money to be made. People did not know why they suddenly needed glasses, why their eyes burn, have headaches. Then later came 2,4 GHz wifi and Bluetooth spectrum. I am sensitive to that one too. but if I get away at least 3 meters from wifi source, I am ok.

I just want to share all my knowledge with you. I have been visiting hundreds of homes all over the world, and I have always found a solution and improved people’s health. I helped people get rid of excessive EMF radiation and became healthy and felt better.

I am also a representative of the world’s best EMF protection company Yshield from Germany. We offer their products in our store here…

I have a physics doctorate from Vienna University in Austria. I joined my knowledge and EMF testing and created this wonderful site. I hope you will enjoy and learn more about the danger of EMF radiation. I am living partially in Thailand and Europe, but if you need EMF testing and consultation anywhere else in the world, you can always fly us in and we will help you.

Dr Bob Morr

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  1. Dear Mr Vaughan,
    I am quite sick with like static in my head and riniging in my ears. I believe in the same things you do. I am new to this and would like your opinion and advice. Please contact me
    at kaygalen@gmail.com.

    1. Post
  2. Wonderful work you are doing Dr. Morr. The scientific evidence suggests that man-made EMFs are making entire populations sick around the globe – without the knowledge of the medical fraternity.

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