Electromagnetic And High-Frequency fields testing in Thailand

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It has been proven many times by different studies  how dangerous electromagnetic fields and radio frequency fields really are. Scientists claim that these fields can damage our DNA, can cause tumors, can cause autism in kids, cancer, leukemia and other chronic diseases.

The most common source for EMF fields are power lines, transformers, appliances, faulty wiring inside the house, etc. We offer professional EMF detection with our professional EMF meters in Thailand and other countries.

Radiofrequency fields are even more dangerous than electromagnetic fields. They are around us 24/7. While we sleep, while we walk in the city, while we shop, watch movie, we are constantly bombarded with these high-frequency fields. The most common sources of high-frequency fields are Wi-Fi, wireless, mobile network, radars, mobile phones, baby monitors, wireless dect-phones and more.

We offer professional high-frequency measurement with our high-frequency meters.

As a bonus, we offer also radioactivity measurement with our radioactivity meter.

As part of lay lines that are emitted from the ground all over the globe, we offer measurement of Curry and Hartman lay lines. We use L antennas,  to detect dangerous lay lines in your home.

We offer these services all over Thailand and neighboring countries (Fly Us In Plan).

Measurement takes approximately three hours to finish. We use cameras to document all the EMF, high-frequency fields and lay lines. After two days you will receive a full document where all the radiation bad spots are. We use Photoshop to precisely show you where those bad spots are and how to avoid them.

We don’t offer any kind of scam bed covers, that magically destroy all radiation and lay lines, any kind of pyramids that instantly remove all radiation from the home and other scam devices. That is the biggest scam that is still practiced by many companies who in exchange for low testing measurement fees are selling very expensive bed covers made in China that are useless, and are very expensive.

We always suggest moving your bed to a new location, to avoid lay lines on the ground. Also, we offer special high-frequency fields wall paint that protects you and your home up to 97 percent from high-frequency fields. The wall paint is proven to work and effectively shield your home from these kinds of fields. For windows and doors, we use a special material that can be plastered over windows and doors to protect any high-frequency fields coming through and also special curtains that prevent high-frequency radiation coming through.

Because electric fields are stronger the more voltage is running through, we suggest to not build houses in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines. Same goes for mobile phone towers.

The environment around us has dramatically changed in the last decade or so. New wireless appliances, new wireless standards, new mobile networks are popping up every day around us. We are more and more bombarded by these unnatural, dangerous, high-frequency fields.

As a result of our measurement and advice, you will be able to live in a healthy home, that has low emissions of low and high-frequency fields. You will sleep better, feel less nervous, feel healthier, happier, less depressed, etc.