The radiation of home mobile phone signal enhancer

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I was just measuring high frequency fields in clients home. They were afraid that the EMF were too strong. They did not have any signal for mobile phone inside their house or in the vicinity oh their house. So the mobile operator installed them a signal enhancer in their home. What this does is create a strong mobile phone signal in the vicinity of this antenna.

I measured the signal and high frequency fields were really strong. The emissions decreased in the cellar or on the second floor. Seems that this mobile phone signal enhancer was not that powerful and the emissions quickly decreased when you move away from the antenna.

But you should be away like 10 meters at least.

The mobile operator installed this antenna inside their house, near the baby crib. They could put it outside the house. But no, the EMF radiation is not harmful, so they say. And this baby was getting high EMF radiation 24/7. The radiation was much stronger then the phone radiation. I would say 10 times stronger.

In the video below I used the EMF protection fabric to block the emissions. That worked, we tested it and tried to call with mobile phone, there was no signal around the house.
So I suggested to put a fabric in front the antenna between the crib and the radiation source. But later we decided that they should move antenna outside their house.

I mean they were getting very high frequency fields all the time. Having such a source of harmful radiation can be harmful for your health. Even putting the antenna outside the house is harmful, but the emissions decreased because the outside wall of the house was blocking the radiation.

So that worked.

They also installed the fabric on the wall between outside antenna enhancer and their home, bedrooms, baby crib and emissions really decreased.

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