All new smart TV emmits high radiation – wifi blasts all day long

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I just got a new LG 650 55  inch TV, smart tv, beautiful picture, sound, A perfect package. But what is hidden is that it emitted the high-frequency fields every 5 minutes. I measured the intensity of that emission and it was really strong.  Imagine being bombarded with high-frequency fields that are known to be harmful all day long from a freaking TV.

The bad thing is that you can’t turn it off! There is no switch whatsoever. All the new smart TVs emit radiation all day long. Some Sony models have the option to turn off the WIFI, but I am not sure which and if it really works. Other models like Samsung, Panasonic, do not…

We have come to the era that is really not respecting our health. We are being bombarded with all kind of wireless emissions all the time. So beware when buying a smart TV..I know Samsung emits WIFI all the time…..

But I took the TV to the LG service and they unplug the wifi emitter inside the TV. But beware, if you do that also your Bluetooth might not work. Because in my TV WiFi and Bluetooth are both joined in one module.  So the repairman just disabled the whole module. Now my so-called magic remote does not work anymore, a remote that works like a mouse. But the regular IR remote still works.

Also, be careful that is you have active 3D glasses, that might stop working too. Because freaking glasses from Samsung have inbuilt emitter in glasses. Bt my LG has a passive 3D system, so the glasses do not have any emitter and are just regular plastic 3D glasses.

So now my LG tv is perfectly health friendly, it emits no WIFI radiation and very low-frequency fields, that are not harmful at all.

I am very happy. Nowadays you need EMF meters to check your surroundings all the time. WIFI could be hidden also in baby monitors, and who knows where…

That is why I put together EMF home protection DVD guide, to protect yourself against this new man-made dangerous radiation that is causing chronic health problems.

wifi emmisions smart TV

I recommend buying LG smart tv because the wifi and Bluetooth module can be disconnected by opening up the smart TV.

You can also go for Samsung Smart Tv, where you can also disable the module physically.

For Sony Smart TV people say that the wireless and Bluetooth module is integrated with the motherboard and that way hard to remove or disable.

If you want more info you can get a live consultation over skype with me.


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  1. our family experienced the same problem. We are very sensitive to wi-fi and had no idea our TV was emitting but everyone was feeling unwell. I finally got the radiation monitor out and realized the television was emitting ever 30 seconds or so whenever it was on and our Comcast cable boxes were too. The Comcast modem in the basement was also emitting even though we had them turn the wifi off. They just turned the i.d. off for the wifi so you couldn’t use it but it was still emitting. Weeks of dealing with Comcast and finally downgrading our service, replacing th eewuipemtn with old equipment and getting rid of our tv finally got the radiation out of our house. We will take in our tv to see if the wifi can be disabled. Thank you for post in this!

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      Hi, great I can help you, yes you can definately disable it, LG service shop did it for me for free…. they had to disable wifi and bluetooth, both.

      1. Samsung smart TVS emit a lot of unwanted EMF too.

        Same Problem with all the new Samsung Smart TVS. You cannot disable the wifi module completely. Even when wired internet is selected or you are watching plain TV, the tv is emitting 100-400 mv/M EMF detectable with a 3 axis emf meter. In Australia the Samsung service center will charge you about $90 to disconnect the wifi module even when brand new. (The only way to stop the tv leaking EMF, a result of poor design)

        When you turn off wifi on an ipad or iphone, the devices do not emit emf. This is not the case with any new Samsung Smart TV. They ALWAYS emit EMF signals until the wifi module is disabled.

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          you are right, it is a lethal radiation coming from a smart TV. I think only SONY has an option to manually disable WIFI via remote…..not sure. They disabled the wifi module on my LG for free. I was lucky….

          1. Update: Turns out I had to disable both the wifi and Bluetooth modules on the Samsung TV to reduce emf to ambient levels it is a 10 minute job. Now TV emits no emf when watching wired Internet so I can watch movies without the headaches. I bet there are a lot of people out there who are not aware of why they feel so lousy when watching TV, they are not aware of the dirty emf these smart TVs emit. But then again nowadays there are lots of emf sources most people can’t get away from and the TV is just one of them. Downside is I can only use the infrared remote.

          2. A little FYI, yes, Sony has the option to disable it, but it’s not really disabled, that comes directly from Sony.
            I took the back off of the TV and unplugged the emitter like Sony said to do, and did the same with my Sharp and TCL TV’s. It’s very easy to do.
            I do occasionally stream so I plug in a Roku and unplug it when I’m finished.

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            I knew sony has the software option to turn wifi off….but I would expect it works when you do that. But unplugging the wifi, Bluetooth module physically is even better.

        2. I have the q7f. open the back, the module is in the center. unplug it, wrap it in alufoil, plug it back in.. they can kiss my ass, its solved.

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  2. Hi Wolfgang,

    Unscrew the TV stand then the screws on the back panel. Remember where the screws go back for later.

    Look for the wifi transmitter which usually has a sticker with numbers on it. It’s usually a small black box on the lower border of the TV. Undo the clip on wired connector. On the lower end Samsung TVs there is no sticker. If Blue tooth is present there may be another black box, so disconnect this too. (You can reconnect them easily later if you sell the TV).

    Make sure you only partially replace the screws so you can turn on the TV and test with an EMF meter. I use something like this If successful then reassemble the TV, If not disconnect any other clip on box and test again.

    You want the reading to be under 40mV/m or no more than ambient EMF levels.

    So far I have disabled wifi and bluetooth in 3 Samsung TVS. All three emitted dirty emf constantly. These are either poorly designed, or made on purpose to always emit rogue EMF for who knows what reasons.

    The reading before modification (even when WIFI is OFF in the Samsung settings menu) was 90-300mv/m After mods readings from the tv was 10-40mv/m



  3. Edit: make sure you only partially replace the screws and place the cover back on then turn on tv to test for emf before full reassembly.

    Make sure you unplug tv power before modifying the tv.

    When removing the cover there was a clip on connector between the tv and the back cover which needed disconnecting so the back cover came off completely.


    1. Hi Jeff. Could you tell me what you mean by “there was a clip on connector between tv and back cover”? I cannot get my samsung smart TV model UN32J5205 OPEN. All of the edges are free but something is gripping in the middle. I have looked over and over for screws and find none. Maybe the clip on connector is the issue but I have no idea what that might look like. Photo?

  4. Hi Nikki

    Unfortunately every Samsung tv is a little different. It is a little bit trial and error. It sounds like it could be that screw stopping the cover coming off.

    if you bring into a Samsung service centre make sure they disconnect the Bluetooth and wifi module. The infrared remote will still work. If the Bluetooth module is left in there it always transmits looking for blue tooth remote and you can detect the blue tooth trying to communicate eg to a blue tooth enabled phone.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi
    I have a Samsung
    UA50J5500, I went inside as you said, found two small black boxes I discounted them.
    Now no internet conction what’s so ever, is that enough and is there a iPhone app that reads emits.

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    2. Hi Ibrahim,

      Sounds like you are on the right track!

      One thing is if you disconnect the blue tooth and wifi and you need internet connection you will need an ethernet cable as wifi won’t work anymore. All apps will still work great without wifi. Yes it is best to have a RF meter eg such as the Tenmars T95 to test the results. If you test the reading when tv on compared to off, there should be minimal difference in the reading compared to background.

  6. I have suffered with EHS, (Electical HyperSensitivity) for about 25 years and I have to be very selective in what products I can have in or around my home and be aware of what is around me while I’m out. I have a severe sensitivity to most electronic devices including, phones, computers, TVs, cars etc. The list seems endless. A few years ago I tried to find a flat screen TV that I could tolerate. With the help of some sympathetic and helpful retailers, I tried several TVs; LCD, LED and Plasma. Non at that time had WiFi, some had Ethernet sockets. All made me ill. One of the worse symptoms which I get on all models and also when I’m near other peoples TVs is heart arrhythmia. I also get headaches and sick feelings. These can take up to 3-4 days to subside. As walls are not a significant barrier to EMF going to another room while my wife watches doesn’t work either. I have a Cornet EMF meter but this doesn’t pick up much from the TV and I believe this is due to the frequency of emitted EMFs being outside of the ranges that the meter measures. Most EMF meters only measure low frequencies and RF frequencies. Most computer clock frequencies emit between these ranges. For most things I am more sensitive than the meters designed to measure these EMFs.
    The reason I’m posting this is to highlight the fact that there are more emissions from a flat screen TV than just WiFi. They are basically a computer with a screen attached and all computers use digital electronics. Digital electronics produce dirty EMF which seem to be more harmful to people with EHS. The fact that people with EHS experience health issues, pain or discomfort doesn’t mean other aren’t affected it just means they don’t feel anything. EMF sufferers are like the canaries in the coalmines.

  7. We have an LG samsung smart TV and it is emitting a ton of EMFS , there isa constant blast that is audible to the ears, like as if you are close to power lines..I am really worried and this constant sound will not shut of even when wifi router is unplugged and devices turned off- ie cell phone, ipad..I know picture is good but at the expense of getting really ill?? My friend’s have smart TV’s and they are sick everyday with nausea, headaches,dizziness & now chest pains, irregular heart beat.. Racing heart, she had to call paramedics 3 times and wear a heart monitor to check heart activity for 2 days..I told her it was WiFi in TV and blue tooth which her CDplayer is hooked up through TV via wifi.. She thinks I’m crazy, but this all started after she got smart TV , why is LG samsung not putting switch to disable wifi & bluetooth connection at night because she said she can not sleep , I smell a huge lawsuit.. Thx

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  8. wont be long before the manfucatures start screaming DMCR or no right to repair because people figured out how to disable it.

    2 months ago we had 5 smart tvs. Now we have gotten rid of 4 and have 1 more on the way out in the next week.

    We sold ALL our Apple Gear Nov 2017. Every Bit. We got a fiar price for it all. 3 mac pros, 5 iphone 6s’s, 2 iphone 6’s, 2 iphone 5s’s, 1 apple tv,

    We threw our firestick tv in the trash at the same time. And deleted our amazon account.

    We have never had a smart meter, we have been opted out since the beginning.

    We nearly almost enrtirely opted out of the coming IOT. This is going to get bad, people dont even realize it yet. my god what is coming is going to be real close to the borg.

    So kind of like those that go off grid, they invest in things that work without requirements for power, essentially we are going IoT off the grid.

    Things we havent even thought of are coming down the pipe.
    but I can imagin and have considered:
    Your toilet not flushing because you have not paid your monthly subscription price to the toilet software company
    your fridge not turning on for the same reason
    Your car not starting because it has been determined you drove enough miles this month,
    your water faucet not turning on because the water company determined you have had your share this month
    your tv not working because you did not pay your monthly “access fee”(think ATT )
    same for your toaster, oven,stove,freezer,door locks(alexa), bluray player,cd player, Dyson smart vac, Vitamix Smart blender, smart car, it goes on and on.

    We really liked our smartphones, but we REALLY CAN SEE where this is all leading.

    All we had to do was dump amazon,dump apple, and dump our smart tvs.
    So many people have bought in to so much more than we did . they may not be able to opt out as they choose, therin lyes the issue they count on.

    Best get out while you can

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  10. Hello.
    You say ” But the regular IR remote still works”.
    Do you mean same remote that you got with the TV or some alternative remote that you bought separately?
    Thanks a lot.

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      The IR remote is the regular remote that we use for decades…..but there are smart remotes that emmit 2.4 ghz and these are different….more dangerous to health……sowhen you dusable wifi it means old IR remotes will still work of course how else would you operate the tv?

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