Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common age related neurodegenerative

disorder, which affects nearly 20 million people worldwide. The diagnosis includes

symptoms of dementia (loss of memory and mental function).

Sobel reported an association between occupations with EM field exposure and AD during the period 1994-1995 using three different clinical case-control series, two from Finland (University of Helsinki) and one from the United States (University of Southern California) involving 386 patients and 475 controls.

They found males with AD were 4.9 times as likely to have had a high occupational exposure to fields, while females were 3.4 times as likely. Generally, these results indicate that people who were exposed to high exposure levels on the job (for example, sewing machine operators) have three to five times the normal risk of contracting the harmful disease of aging. The risk is also high for carpenters, electricians, electrical and electronic assemblers, and those who use electrically powered tools held close to their body.

alzeheimers disease and emf fields

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