Something Is Not Right With New Generation Mobile Phones

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I bought Samsung S8. Everything was cool, I set it to airplane mode all the time anyways and disabled wifi and Bluetooth. But soon after playing games on the phone and just browsing through the phone, I started to have blurry vision. I googled blurry vision and Samsung S8. There were some hits describing that apparently, the build in eye scanner and face scanner are the reason why the eyes are being affected. I have to say that I can watch LCD screen on the laptop or TV all day and have no problem with vision, but with SAMSUNG S8 I get blurry vision after using it.

So the screen of my mobile phone Samsung S8 is the main reason why I have a blurry vision. Like I said I could spend all day watching LCD television or working on my laptop and I have no problem with vision. But just a minute or more watching it mobile phone screen gives me blurry vision. I have disabled eye and face scanner on my phone and still, I have blurry vision every time I use my phone. I suspect something is being emitted from the screen. Is there something fishy going on with Super OLED screens? Or are they using some sort of emissions to detect when we are watching at the screen?

I used to have iPhone 4S that never caused me any kind of eyesight problem. There must be a new technology used in the new generation of smartphones that is causing problems with eyes. I think people do not notice that their blurry eyesight is the side effect of using a mobile phone. That is a global disaster. I know people that live before all this technology had perfect eyesight till their old age. I just talked to my mom and she told me as a kid she didn’t know anybody who wore glasses.

Apparently, we are in the middle of the new epidemic. First, we have been damaged by old CRT monitors and cathode TVs. Those were eye killers. I could not use my CRT monitor not even for a minute. After switching LCD monitor, I could watch TV all day. It is sad that we are living in a world that is slowly killing us. We are constantly bombarded by high-frequency fields, low-frequency fields etc.

Everywhere we go out, we are molested by Wi-Fi radiation, microwaves, radar emissions, mobile phone radiation etc. People don’t even notice what is happening to us. They are blindsided by the government who claims that nothing dangerous is happening to us. I think the biggest problem is still coming. Widespread of smart meters is coming in the following years and the new 5G network is around the corner. Grab yourself best selling EMF protection guide and protect yourself.

I am really not sure if all this technology is really here to slowly make us sicker and sicker so the companies who are related to health problems prosper. What would we do it the people will to get healthier and healthier. Many companies would start losing money. What would happen with 5G network I’m not sure but many people are claiming it would be an even deadlier period of our existence.

And then the government just tried to avoid the truth and this is being posted for example….

Is Your Cell Phone Giving You Headaches (or Blurry Vision)?

So they claim it is the glare, blue light in the screen or even that something is wrong with our eyes. But on the other hand like I said, I can watch my laptop screen for the whole day, more than 12 hours and I see no difference in my vision.

It is sickening in what society we live in.

Here are some forum posts I spotted that on various websites regarding the blurry vision and smartphones:

Here is an interesting post

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And finally the real reason for blurry eye vision after using smartphones…..The reason does not lie like viewing angle, glare, blue light, the reason is infrared emissions from your phone…that is killing our eyesight….

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