Is your home really healthy?

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Many people are spending thousands and thousands of dollars to furnish their homes, buy fancy electronic equipment, new car etc.

They don’t know that there might be a dangerous cause of their sickness hidden in their homes and around their homes.

The technology around us has developed so much that it helps us live a better life but at the same time it can be hazardous to our health. We are bombarded with electromagnetic emissions in our homes and outside our homes all the time. 99% of people aren’t aware of that.

healthy home Is your home really healthy?

Electromagnetic fields in our homes are emitted from power lines, electrical wiring, electrical appliances, computers, wireless devices, microwave ovens, fluorescent lighting, cordless phones etc.

if you want your house to be healthy, you need to check it for any hazardous electromagnetic and microwave fields. You can do that yourself, I teach you how to do that in my DVD, or you can call an expert. But every time you buy a new electrical appliance, move your bed, you have to call the experts again. That is why I offer my instructional EMF DVD that will guide you how to measure harmful emissions inside or outside your home anytime you want.

The goal is to make your home healthy. Protect your children, family, friends and of course your self. You can own all the latest gadgets, electric appliances, high-tech machines, and you can still have a healthy home.

With my DVD you will learn exactly how to create safe zones in your home, where you spend the most of the time, being that living room, bedroom, kids room etc. we are already bombarded with high emissions outside our homes and at work all the time. That is why we need to give a body a chance to regenerate and repair damaged cells while we are sleeping or resting at home.

EMF fields can dangerously affect our natural body processes including sleep, immune system, hormone production, and other chemical processes that are keeping our body alive. When we are under harmful electromagnetic and microwave fields, our bodies are slowly breaking down.

The huge increase in EMF exposure inside or outside of our homes in the last 20 years can be seen to coincide with the increase in chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, insomnia, mental disorders like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, heart quotations, high blood pressure, nervousness, and many others.

Are you allergic to electricity?

In the 2001 Swedish study the Swedish government set the condition called electrical hypersensitivity called shortly EHS as the physical impairment and stated that 3% of  Swedish population suffer from electromagnetic  hypersensitivity.

Some experts claim that up to 50% of people can be electromagnetic sensitive. That is why their ailments slowly vanish after they remove the sources of high electromagnetic fields in their homes. That is why some people say that as soon as they come to their home, they feel sick.

Keep our children healthy

children emf fields Is your home really healthy?

In schools nowadays they use wireless Internet that is affecting our kids all the time. Many parents have decided to homeschool their children just because of potential threat in their schools. That is why they need at least a healthy home, so their sensitive bodies can recuperate and repair.

Especially children are prone to disease and can get sick quite easily.

The German government issued a warning in the year 2007 recommending German citizens not to install Wi-Fi networks in their homes due to concerns of possible ill effects of high frequency radio radiation produced by Internet wireless modems. Also they warned about the radiation emissions from cordless phones that can be still found in many homes.

Protect yourself and your family, now is your chance

This site offers you a simple and an unexpensive solution where you can learn exactly how to protect your family and yourself and create a happy, nonhazardous home. You would be able to completely or drastically eliminate all harmful radiation in your home.

I guarantee you, that you will be able to create 99% free harmful emissions zone where you want in your home.