EMF Consultation Services

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I have decided to offer  online electromagnetic fields protection  services and advice, how to protect yourself against harmful radiation. Many people are asking me for advice via email Or phone  so now I have decided to offer my skills online.

I can guide you step-by-step how to make your home, office perfectly safe and free of harmful radiation. You will feel better, sleep better,  have more energy, and have less chance to develop some chronic disease, that can  later on make you sick.

We can use Skype or phone for the EMF consultation. I can offer you  best advice on how to protect your home, office against harmful radiation. I can help you  figure out how to completely eliminate  harmful EMF radiation sources which can  damage your health.

I can give you the following advice:

  • I can give you advice where to buy the best EMF shielding, EMF protection paint, that can eliminate  99% of harmful EMF radiation, high-frequency fields
  • You will find out where to buy the special shielding canopies for your bed
  • you will find out how to protect yourself  against harmful EMF radiation when you’re away from home
  • How to completely disable the Wi-Fi in your home and still use Internet
  • how to protect yourself  against harmful lay lines (so-called Earth radiation), and  can  analyze  your sleeping area with my Intuitive skills and can exactly pinpoint where the Hartman and Curry lay lines are, so you can move your bed to healthier spot. This can be done via pendulum
  • I can give you advice which EMF meters  to buy and  help you get a special discount
  • I will help you  make your home healthy  and free of harmful EMF radiation

Please if you decide to use EMF consultation services sign up below, the call is open ended and we can talk about other topics related to EMF  that concern you.

I have analyzed Several hundred homes so I know what I’m doing. The EMF  is really dangerous, and even though  the government still does not reveal the truth about EMF radiation and how EMF can damage our genes, bodies, we have option to protect ourselves.

Sign up today and let’s make your home healthy  and free of EMF radiation.



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