Suicide And Depression Linked With EMF Radiation

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A very large and detailed study conducted by Wijngaarden at the University of North Carolina has uncovered what appears to be a distinct association between exposure to ELF fields and suicide among electric utility workers. A group of 138,905 male U.S. electric utility workers fro..m five companies were considered in the study. Electricians faced twice the expected risk of suicide. Linemen faced one-and-a-half times the expected risk. depression suicide electromagnetic fields elf fields Meanwhile, suicides among power plant operators occurred at a rate slightly lower than expected.

Official studies for emf radiation causing suicide

I really rely only on government studies. And this is a study done in USA which shows a clear increase in suicide in men, who worked as an electrician or were exposed to strong EMF fields
Men employed as electricians, and to a lesser extent as line workers, seemed to be at increased risk, broadly consistent with indications of increased incidences of diagnosed depression and several depressive symptoms in electricians
Just a while ago people were commenting on my youtube video of powerline, where I measure how far the emit EMF low-frequency fields, especially magnetic fields. People were mocking me, laugh at the whole thing. THere were some electricians who were commenting that they work as electricians each day fixing power lines and never felt sick or sad or have any effect from being exposed to EMF fields…. Another government study shows exactly the same results
These data provide evidence for an association between occupational electromagnetic fields and suicide that warrants further evaluation. A plausible mechanism related to melatonin and depression provides a direction for additional laboratory research as well as epidemiological evaluation.
Especially dangerous are magnetic fields. Power Lines emit magnetic fields far away. And there is nothing you can do to stop strong magnetic fields. They travel through everything, metal, walls, cement, steel, lead….. The best solution is to live far away from them.



Magnetic fields of transmission lines and depression

In this study, the risk of severe depression was increased 4.7-fold (95% confidence interval 1.70-13.3) among subjects living within 100 m of a high-voltage power line. The government can’t lie to us anymore. These studies are very concerning. They show the truth and nothing but the truth. Governments all over the world cant look in our eyes and lie to us that EMF fields are not dangerous. Our bodies use energy to function. Our heart, brain use electromagnetic frequencies. And when we are exposed to unnatural EMF fields, it is clear that suicide, depression, heart disease, cancer are diseases we can expect. Another study shows a correlation between EMF fields and depression. And we are on the verge of having 5G towers outside of our houses. We are soon being exposed to 5G frequencies similar to Military Active Denial Weapons. Are you joking me? Is this a dream or are we really living in this situation when we are becoming test bunnies fo 5G EMF radiation in the next few years without any health studies being done between health and 5G emissions?

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  1. I agree with you, my depression lifter after I greatly reduced the EMF exposure in my beedroom…..thank you for your tip!! I owe you

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