Measuring lay lines in client’s home

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I was measuring earth lay lines that are dangerous for your health. The lay lines are the invisible net that covers the whole earth globe. It can be detected by very sensitive people. I used L-rods because a pendulum is too much subjective to your unconsciousness. Whenever the rods cross there is the lay line below.

It is known that lay lines can lay in the north-south direction. These are so-called Hartmann lay lines. And in the angle of 45 degrees going against the direction, NE-SW and NW-SE are so-called Curry lines.

Especially dangerous are the areas where these lay lines cross. It is said that those spots can cause cancer if you have your bed above the crossings.
There are also so called water lay lines, where the underground water rivers are causing disruption in energies.

To test if you are sleeping in healthy zone you only need a cat and a dog. Dogs never want to lie above lay lines. However, cats just love those spots. So if you see the cat always sleeping in same area of your bed, usually that means that you have a strong negative enrgy disruption right where you sleep. When I am measuring the lay lines I can tell where the cats love to sleep to clients. They confirm it.

Here is how the Hartman Curry grid looks like and below is the video


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    1. Why would you come on a website like this, leave a negative comment with no substance for no discernible reason whatsoever other than to be pernicious? Perhaps you’re sleeping above the lay-lines.

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