Protection fabric against high frequency fields

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In this video, I demonstrate how you can avoid getting blasted from high-frequency fields with the HF protective curtains. The curtains look and feel just regular curtains. But they have special materials embedded so they  block microwaves, cell towers, smart meters, wifi from neighbor, radar radiation from military bases and …

sick humanity emf radiation

I am worried for the future of humanity – we are becoming sicker and sicker

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I mean this is just crazy. I remember people working hard until they are old. They could walk, work, had stronger bones then now. The rise in knee and hip surgeries have dramatically increased. Based on this site more and more people are getting TKR (total knee replacement surgery). …

Definite EMF protection window fabric for high freqency fields that work

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Here is the test of our EMF protection fabric that goes over the windows like a curtain. It completely eliminates high-frequency fields from outside sources like your neighbor Wifi, local mobile antenna, military radar emissions, smart meters, etc. Yes, this can be a definite solution for smart meter radiation. Another …