Pubmed Studies of EMF and Microwave Exposure

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I collected few of the studies that show that EMF fields, microwave fields are dangerous to human health. Even though some study shows there is no correlation between EMF fields and health, other study shows there is a strong correlation.

It is better to protect your home and health than to be sorry later on in life.

Correlation between 50 Hz electric fields and cancer study was done in the year between 1978 and 1989. This study shows that there could be a correlation between electric fields and the brain tumor for the exposure to 50 to 60 Hz electric fields, link can be found here

French study claims that radiofrequency fields should be considered as a group 2a, which means a probable human carcinogen under the criteria used by the international agency for Cancer research. More info can be found here

Electro-Hypersensitivity was described in this article published on PubMed where they claim that the hypersensitivity to EMF fields, especially microwaves is true, this goes for Wi-Fi networks, mobile phones, mobile towers, microwave ovens etc. They don’t know why some individuals are more sensitive than the others. But they claim that the reason for hypersensitivity is exposure to very strong microwave fields even for a brief period of time. You can read more about this study here

Another study shows that power lines emit dangerous EMF fields and are a risk for anybody living close to the power lines. You can read more here

Russian exposing USA embassy to strong microwave fields Pubmed Studies of EMF and Microwave Exposure