Permitted Level Of Radiation – Explained

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Here are some of the levels I got from NY article

Here is the NYTimes article where you can read more about levels.

But in short here in Europe, radiation is measured in Sieverts. My radiation meter measures radiation in MicroSieverts (μSv) per hour.

So I put together few scenarios and as you can see even dental x-ray is not as dangerous as many people think. On the other hand, mammogram brings some concerning amount of radiation. But I already knew about that. People were scared about taking flights with an airplane. And as you can see you get like few days dose of normal radiation on the ground if you take a flight. So nothing to worry about.

When your accumulated radiation dose reaches 100000 μSv per year, then you should be concerned.

  • 10 μSv – The average radiation you received today
  • 40 μSv – The radiation you receive by taking a flight from New York to L.A.
  • 100 μSv – The radiation you receive during a dental x-ray
  • 800 μSv – Total radiation dose at Three-Mile Island for the duration of the accident
  • 3,000 μSv – Radiation dose from a mammogram
  • 3,600 μSv – Average radiation a US citizen receives in a year from all sources
  • 50,000 μSv – Maximum allowable yearly occupational dose (USA)
  • 100,000 μSv – Lowest yearly dose likely linked to increased cancer risk
  • 2,000,000 μSv – Severe radiation poisoning (sometimes fatal)