Definite EMF protection window fabric for high freqency fields that work

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Share This: Here is the test of our EMF protection fabric that goes over the windows like a curtain. It completely eliminates high-frequency fields from outside sources like your neighbor Wifi, local mobile antenna, military radar emissions, smart meters, etc. Yes, this can be a definite solution for smart meter radiation. Another thing would be to contact your electric company and opt for analog one. However, in worse case, based on that a person in USA was arrested because she did not want to have smart meter installed. This could be a solution for your home, that protects the window …

Microwave oven – is it safe?

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Share This: I would say…………..HELL NO!! They all leak microwave radiation. I am sensitive person. I think I have been sensitive all my life. That does not show only on having a gift sensing harmful emissions, but also being sensitive to stress, bad stuff ….. So everytime I walked pass the microwave oven and it was working, I felt like strong, tingling sensation in my abdomen. I knew it was dangerous over 20 years ago. But I could not prove it. But now, I can finally prove it with my emf detection tools. When I published video one few years …

Measuring lay lines in client’s home

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Share This: I was measuring earth lay lines that are dangerous for your health. The lay lines are the invisible net that covers the whole earth globe. It can be detected by very sensitive people. I used L-rods because a pendulum is too much subjective to your unconsciousness. Whenever the rods cross there is the lay line below. It is known that lay lines can lay in the north-south direction. These are so-called Hartmann lay lines. And in the angle of 45 degrees going against the direction, NE-SW and NW-SE are so-called Curry lines. Especially dangerous are the areas where …

Iphone 4s radiation test

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Share This: I have properly tested my iphone 4s. In the video you can find out how high the high and low frequency electromagnetic fields really are. I advice not to put your phone against your head. Rather hold it as far as possible and use the speaker. I do that all the time after finding our how high the emissions are. I tested my iphone 4s with my Gigahertz latest high and low frequency device. Remember try not to buy your young kid a mobile phone. At least not when he or she is still very young. High frequency …

Swedish safe standards table

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Share This: Here are safe emissions that will not harm your body. They are issued by Swedish EMF association. As you can see the allowed emissions are really low. In the environment today, in most cases all the emissions that surround us break this rule. You can right click on image and select see image to view it in full size.

Cancers And Electromagnetic Fields

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Share This: BrainCancer Brain cancer of the central nervous system (CNS) is not very common. The causes of the disease are primarily unknown, although the same reasons for other types of cancer, such as exposure to chemical and ionizing radiation, smoking, diet, and excessive alcohol consumption re associated with brain cancer. In 1999, Kheifets published a combine analysis of previously published studies of electric utility workers that examined the relation between occupational exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields and risk of brain cancer and leukemia. The connected analysis shows a weak association between exposure to power-frequency fields and both brain cancer …

Why You Should Stop Using Electric Waterbeds And Blankets Immediately?

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Share This: Electric appliances such as waterbeds, blankets, and other domestic equipment may have a positive and negative impact on our life. Wertheimer and Leeper investigated the relationship between utilization of an electrically heated waterbeds and electric blankets and pregnancy outcome; especially, length of gestation, birth weight, congenital abnormalities, and fetal loss in Colorado. The study population consisted of 1806 (out of 427 l) families in which a birth had occurred in two Denver-area hospitals in 1982, where the birth announcements had been published. Seasonal patterns of occurrence of slow fetal development were observed among users of electric waterbeds and …

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

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Share This: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common age related neurodegenerative disorder, which affects nearly 20 million people worldwide. The diagnosis includes symptoms of dementia (loss of memory and mental function). Sobel reported an association between occupations with EM field exposure and AD during the period 1994-1995 using three different clinical case-control series, two from Finland (University of Helsinki) and one from the United States (University of Southern California) involving 386 patients and 475 controls. They found males with AD were 4.9 times as likely to have had a high occupational exposure to fields, while females were 3.4 times …

This is why you should throw away electric clock

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Share This: Do you still use electric clock near your bed – Beware Here is a definitive proof why you should throw away your electric clock. People usually have these clocks near the bed, near their heads. And the emissions of electric and magnetic fields are extreme. You should keep this clock away from your body at least 2, 3 meters. This way you will avoid any long term strong electromagnetic exposure to your body. I made this video just to show you how strong the emissions are. I have measured my old clock, I used years ago. I am …

Is your home really healthy?

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Share This: Many people are spending thousands and thousands of dollars to furnish their homes, buy fancy electronic equipment, new car etc. They don’t know that there might be a dangerous cause of their sickness hidden in their homes and around their homes. The technology around us has developed so much that it helps us live a better life but at the same time it can be hazardous to our health. We are bombarded with electromagnetic emissions in our homes and outside our homes all the time. 99% of people aren’t aware of that. Electromagnetic fields in our homes are …