Microwave oven – is it safe?

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I would say…………..HELL NO!! They all leak microwave radiation.

I am sensitive person. I think I have been sensitive all my life. That does not show only on having a gift sensing harmful emissions, but also being sensitive to stress, bad stuff …..
So everytime I walked pass the microwave oven and it was working, I felt like strong, tingling sensation in my abdomen. I knew it was dangerous over 20 years ago. But I could not prove it. But now, I can finally prove it with my emf detection tools.
When I published video one few years back, it was an instant hit. People were heavily commenting on it. They say that my microwave oven is faulty and that I shold repair it etc.

They just did not believe it, that microwave oven was radiating outside of its metal housing. So I tested several microwave ovens that my clients use in their home. And SURPRISE SURPRISE, they all emitted dangerous high frequency microwave radiation all over the room.

First I have heard about how dangerous microwave oven is from an energy healer here in Europe. I know him for years. You know those people who heal by laying hands…. He has strong energy but he is not a miracle worker. He can’t cure just anyone.

He told me several years ago then he healed many families. They all suffered and they were all sick. That means he had to treat all the members. He said that the culprit for sickness was that they used microwave oven. So he told them to stop using it and they got better.

This is just one story of many I know.

Especially it is dangerous for kids sticking their face on the microwave glass when it is working. People think just ever little bs story from government, that the microwave ovens are not dangerous.

Here is a proof of at least 5 different microwave ovens. They were all measured by me with my high frequency emf meter. And they all emitted high frequency radiation all over the room.

Check it out, do yourself a favor and throw that garbage into garbage. It is where it belongs, it does not belong in your kitchen.

VIDEO 1 My first video that I shot several years ago