Iphone 4s radiation test

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I have properly tested my iphone 4s. In the video you can find out how high the high and low frequency electromagnetic fields really are. I advice not to put your phone against your head. Rather hold it as far as possible and use the speaker. I do that all the time after finding our how high the emissions are.

I tested my iphone 4s with my Gigahertz latest high and low frequency device. Remember try not to buy your young kid a mobile phone. At least not when he or she is still very young. High frequency fields are connected with various chronic diseases in children.

High frequency fields immediately jump over 200 mW/m2 which is already extreme emission based on Swedish safe emissions chart. If you move away from the phone at least one meter, the emission fall below 100 miliwats, which is still extreme, but a lot less then before. But even 4 meters away the emission were still 60 miliwats. I tried to go even further and my meter still showed very high emissions.

My conclusion is there is no safe zone when using your mobile phone. Because it radiates when calling or receiving a call to much.