Home Inspection For Electromagnetic Fields Bangkok, Thailand

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We are doing electromagnetic home measurements in Thailand currently in Bangkok. If you are interested to hire us for measurement of offices, homes in Bangkok Thailand, let us know.

Beside doing EMF measurements in Bangkok, Thailand, we also measure high and low electromagnetic fields in Chiang Mai, Pattaya and other cities of Thailand.

We will measure high and low frequency electromagnetic fields inside your home. This could be your house, your condo, room….

High Quality EMF measurement in Thailand

We will give you suggestions how to make your home 100% healthy. With our measuring devices, we will inspect your home completely for any hazardous high level emissions of electromagnetic radiation.

You will get a written report and also we can supply you with protection shields, protection emulsions, colors that will 99% protect dangerous fields.

We will check the following things:

  • Earth lay lines – Curry and Hartman lay lines, plus water currents.
  • Low frequency fields from appliances in your home, wiring, power lines outside of your house, etc.
  • High frequency fields like microwave radiation, wireless emissions, mobile network emissions, UMTS, police radar emissions, radar emissions, mobile internet radiation like G3 etc
  • any possible radioactive emissions

Thailand electromagnetic field radiation measurements Home Inspection For Electromagnetic Fields Bangkok, Thailand thai EMF measurement Home Inspection For Electromagnetic Fields Bangkok, Thailand


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