Fly Us In Option

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All the individuals and companies who want a professional, high and low frequency fields, lay lines, and radioactive measurement of their home or office can apply for our Fly us in option. What does fly is in option means? It means that we can travel all over the world and measure your home or office. If you order our services.

Services that we offer are described here

The total cost of our services in that case include also airplane ticket, hotel for two days, any additional costs, and home/office inspection measurement.

The costs of hotel and airplane tickets will be only for one person.

Usually people opt in for this program by sharing the costs with friends who also want the inspection of low and high frequency fields in their homes. In that case we can inspect several houses/offices in your area and you can all share the airplane tickets and hotel costs. We can also lower our inspection fee of your home/office if there are more than one customers who want their home/office inspected.

All you have to do is contact us. We can have a Skype call a few days prior the inspection/measurement of your home or office. Then you book us an airplane ticket and hotel for two or three days and we will come to your country and do professional high and low frequency fields, lay lines, and radiation inspection.

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