EMF Home Inspection in Sweden

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We offer professional EMF inspection  all over Sweden. We can analyze low-frequency fields, high-frequency fields, gamma radiation, lay lines. The whole inspection takes around 2 hours. During the inspection we take pictures and later on we add sources of radiation, which we include in our reports.


This way you will know where the sources of harmful radiation are  and how to get rid of them. We will offer you the solutions, how to make your home healthy, and free of EMF radiation.


You will feel better, sleep better and have more energy.. Especially in Sweden, people are familiar with dangerous EMF radiation, and how it affects the human health. People know that EMF emissions are not healthy for human body.


Contact our offices  via contact link on our website, explain your situation, and we will give you further advice.

Sweden EMF inspection of your home EMF Home Inspection in Sweden