Electromagnetic Fields Spectrum

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We will focus on most dangerous radiation, that is present in every household, office, school. You will be able to detect it and reduce it to minimum.

In the picture below you can see the frequencies of harmful radiation fields that are harmful to your health and can be found almost everywhere. Radiation with lowest frequencies are power lines radiations, home appliance radiation, electric wiring inside the house, then more towards the top you can see high frequency fields that contain wireless radiation, microwave radiation, UMTS radiation, radar frequencies, mobile network radiation……Low Frequency Fields range from up to 3 kHzhigh frequency fieldsradius range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. We will stop before medical X-ray. They are extremely high frequencies and not present in our homes.

spectrum frequencies Electromagnetic Fields Spectrum

Electromagnetic fields are invisible forces of nature, generated by electricity, which are present whenever electricity exists. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, we have been surrounded with a huge spectrum of man-made EM fields due to the fast growth ofpower line gridsradio and television antennasradarsmobile communicationsand various home and office appliances.

Scientists started to research possible bio effects due to exposure to EM fields after World War II. However, they started to be really concerned in the 1970s. Attention shifted from the strong electric fields emitted by high-voltage power lines to weaker magnetic fields produced by distribution lines that bring electricity to our homes.

More Details About Electromagnetic Fields

Wherever electricity is used, generated, transmitted, distributed, electromagnetic fields are generated, often at significant intensities. In most cases, electric and magnetic fields can’t be seen or felt, but they can be measured with special electromagnetic measuring equipment. Only some people are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and they can feel them.

Every wire or conductor that carries electricity, is surrounded by both electric and magnetic fields. These fields often extend for substantial distances around the wire.

Significant magnetic fields come from sources such as transmission and distribution lines, substations, transformers, network protectors, feeders, switch gears, distribution busways, electric panels, wiring systems, motors, and various electric appliances. Magnetic fields can be very strong and can easily penetrate materials, like people, buildings, and most metals. Magnetic fields are strongest near the source but diminish fast with distance. Commonly, units used for measurements are either microteslas (gT) milligauss (mG).

ELECTROMAGENTIC fields consist of:

  1. ELF FIELDS – Extreme low frequency electro magnetic fields – frequencies up to 3 kHz
  2. RADIO FREQUENCY FIELDS – High frequency radiation fields – frequency range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz

On the following pages, you will be able to learn more about each frequency field. You will understand why they are dangerous. And also you will be able to protect yourself with my help and expertise.