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Do you really want to know how to protect your family from harmful electric, magnetic, microwave and high frequency fields? And get healthy at the same time?

This is all my knowledge packed in the ultimate EMF prevention DVD GUIDE

happy family DVD EMF Protection GuideI offer you this GUARANTEE BULLETPROOF OFFER to learn how to protect yourself and your family from harmful radiation fields. It took me years to learn about the harmful effect of manmade energies, that are surrounding us all the time. I have received hundreds of emails from various people, experts, sick individuals. And I want to share all my knowledge with you in this DVD Guide.

Here is what you will learn in this DVD

  • All content of this DVD is recorded with camera, easy to watch and learn – ipad compatible
  • You will learn it is possible to protect yourself against harmful fields and become healthier
  • You will learn how to protect your family from harmful emmisions
  • You will learn how to make your home 100% safe
  • You will learn how to search for emission hotspots in your home, where the emissions are so high, they can be practically lethal
  • THis is all the knowledge you will need to make your family safe from electromagnetic fields
  • You will get various tips how to protect yourself outside of your home.
  • You will learn how to make your sleeping area 100% free of all harmful emissions.
  • You will learn how to purchase home measuring equipment, that you will be able to use all the time for measuring dangerous emissions in your home, you will be able to spot and measure electro magnetic fields, high frequency fields and low freqiency fields
  • In short you will be able to measure wifi emission, microwaves from microwaves, mobile networks emissions in your home, emissions from your mobile phone, emissions from home appliances, for example radio clocks, electric cookers, TVs, computers, then you will able to sport radar, umts networks that might be present in your home and much more…..
  • You will become an amateur expert and will be able to protect homes of other people
  • You will improve your health, feel better and eradicate various health problems
  • You will be able to sleep much deeper and wake up refreshed with more energy than before
  • How to protect your working place against harmful emissions
  • What to watch out when you are buying a new house
  • How to set up safe internet system in your home
  • What kind of phones to use in your home
  • What security system to use so it will not pollute your home with electrosmog and HF fields
  • Why you should avoid speaking on your cell phone in your car?
  • How to shut off all electric and magnetic fields on your bedroom automatically every night and eliminate all electro magentic fields from electric wiring
  • Why you should not put your bed against the wall facing your neighbor apartment?
  • Why not to keep anything metal around your bed
  • Why not to use electric alarm clocks
  • Why not to use microwaves
  • What monitor to buy
  • What car to buy to lower EMF fields
  • and much more….

BONUS – one hour phonecall via skype or regular phone

Yes that is correct, with each purchase you get free call with me. We can talk further how to protect your family against dangerous EMF fields, you will find out where to get the appropriate equipment for measurement with 10% off discount, I can even train you on how to become a professional in measuring EMF fields in people’s home. And much more


jill DVD EMF Protection Guide This DVD is the ultimate DVD for people who wants to protect their family against harmful radiation fields in their homes. It is the best purchase I ever made. Doctors told me everything is ok with me and that my health is quite good for my age. But I was tired all the time and I felt sick and exhausted. Plus my vision was rapidly worsening. After removing the source of radiation in my home, I feel so much better. My sleep improved, no more sleeping pills. And I feel energetic and refreshed when I wake up.

mikka DVD EMF Protection GuideI had a tumour in my head 3 years ago. I suspect the reason was prolonged usage of my mobile phone. The tumour was behind my right ear, where I always held my phone. This DVD gave me a lot of info how to protect myself in the future and how to make my home the harmful emmisions free zone. . I am still suffering after the tumour was removed. But now I am convinced that my healthy home will keep me healthy and that my sickness will not return.


frank DVD EMF Protection GuideDVD is just superb. After I removed the source of high frequency fields, I feel much better. My stomach pain and anxiety is reduced for 70 %. I feet really good. Thank you.



antonio DVD EMF Protection GuideMy doctors laughed at me and told me I am crazy. I am extremely electrosensitive person. I bought the high and low frequency meter and now I know why I feel so bad in some parts of my home. I can finally prove to my doctor that I am not crazy and that I really suffer from electrosensitivity. I carry both meters everywhere I travel. I feel safe even in cheap hotel rooms.



klaus DVD EMF Protection DVD is a must have item! This was the best purchase, I ever made over the internet. It was worth every dollar.. I learned a lot, removed high emission sources from my living room, my children’s room and sleeping quarters. We all feel much healthier.


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I OFFER ROCK SOLID 1 YEAR 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!1 year guarantee DVD EMF Protection Guide