Definite EMF protection window fabric for high freqency fields that work

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Here is the test of our EMF protection fabric that goes over the windows like a curtain. It completely eliminates high-frequency fields from outside sources like your neighbor Wifi, local mobile antenna, military radar emissions, smart meters, etc.

Yes, this can be a definite solution for smart meter radiation. Another thing would be to contact your electric company and opt for analog one. However, in worse case, based on that a person in USA was arrested because she did not want to have smart meter installed. This could be a solution for your home, that protects the window area.

It is a super light and soft fabric, same as the regular curtain. And it looks alike. To protect your home you will also need the EMF paint that you should paint over your walls.

The installment is really easy and quick.

In my video, you can see how effective it is. It lowered the emission from regular iPhone to practically zero. It just works. Simple…