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Electromagnetic Radiation Health Problems

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Share This: We are bombarded by electromagnetic radiation fields each day. More and more artificial emf radiation is being used around us. Studies clearly show that these emissions are hazardous. It is simple and logical to believe that is the truth. Remember, every time human turned its back from nature, there was a huge negative blowback. Especially high frequencies are man-made. You can’t find mobile phone frequency, wi-fi anywhere in nature. Scientists made this to bring civilization to a new era. Of course, it helps but we turned our backs from nature and we are paying for it. Electromagnetic radiation …

Permitted Level Of Radiation – Explained

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Share This: Here are some of the levels I got from NY article Here is the NYTimes article where you can read more about levels. But in short here in Europe, radiation is measured in Sieverts. My radiation meter measures radiation in MicroSieverts (μSv) per hour. So I put together few scenarios and as you can see even dental x-ray is not as dangerous as many people think. On the other hand, mammogram brings some concerning amount of radiation. But I already knew about that. People were scared about taking flights with an airplane. And as you can see you …