Pubmed Studies of EMF and Microwave Exposure

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Share This: I collected few of the studies that show that EMF fields, microwave fields are dangerous to human health. Even though some study shows there is no correlation between EMF fields and health, other study shows there is a strong correlation. It is better to protect your home and health than to be sorry later on in life. Correlation between 50 Hz electric fields and cancer study was done in the year between 1978 and 1989. This study shows that there could be a correlation between electric fields and the brain tumor for the exposure to 50 to 60 …

sick humanity emf radiation

I am worried for the future of humanity – we are becoming sicker and sicker

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Share This: I mean this is just crazy. I remember people working hard until they are old. They could walk, work, had stronger bones then now. The rise in knee and hip surgeries have dramatically increased. Based on this site more and more people are getting TKR (total knee replacement surgery). Over the past decade, the rate of knee surgeries has risen dramatically from 378,000 in 2003 to an estimated 704,000 in 2012, according to a government report released in 2012. The report also finds that people are getting knee surgery at younger and younger ages. And I am …

Childhood Leukemia And Electromagnetic Fields

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Share This: Childhood is a critical time of enormous cell growth. Therefore, particular concerns regarding children’s safety and exposure to Electromagnetic fields arise, such as exposure of children to fields from nearby big power lines, their use of computers at home and school, sitting close to crt TV’s, or using mobile phones. Leukemia means, “white blood,” describes a variety of cancers that arise in the bone marrow where blood cells are formed. It is known by the creation of abnormal white blood cells called leukocytes, which, as the disease advances, battle with the healthy white blood cells that the body …

Suicide And Depression Linked With EMF Radiation

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Share This: A very large and detailed study conducted by Wijngaarden at the University of North Carolina has uncovered what appears to be a distinct association between exposure to ELF fields and suicide among electric utility workers. A group of 138,905 male U.S. electric utility workers fro..m five companies were considered in the study. Electricians faced twice the expected risk of suicide. Linemen faced one-and-a-half times the expected risk. Meanwhile, suicides among power plant operators occurred at a rate slightly lower than expected.

Adult Leukemia and electromagnetic fields

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Share This: Swedish study of adult leukemia and exposure to high electromagnetic fields A significant study to report an association between cancer and magnetic field exposure in a broad range of industries was conducted by Floderus at the Swedish National Institute of Working Life. The study included an assessment of electric and magnetic exposure at 1015 different workplaces in Sweden and involved over 1600 people in 169 different occupations. The researchers reported an association between estimated field exposure and increased risk for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). In addition, an increased risk of brain tumors was reported for men under the age of 40 whose work involved an average …