Measuring lay lines in client’s home

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Share This: I was measuring earth lay lines that are dangerous for your health. The lay lines are the invisible net that covers the whole earth globe. It can be detected by very sensitive people. I used L-rods because a pendulum is too much subjective to your unconsciousness. Whenever the rods cross there is the lay line below. It is known that lay lines can lay in the north-south direction. These are so-called Hartmann lay lines. And in the angle of 45 degrees going against the direction, NE-SW and NW-SE are so-called Curry lines. Especially dangerous are the areas where …

Iphone 4s radiation test

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Share This: I have properly tested my iphone 4s. In the video you can find out how high the high and low frequency electromagnetic fields really are. I advice not to put your phone against your head. Rather hold it as far as possible and use the speaker. I do that all the time after finding our how high the emissions are. I tested my iphone 4s with my Gigahertz latest high and low frequency device. Remember try not to buy your young kid a mobile phone. At least not when he or she is still very young. High frequency …

Swedish safe standards table

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Share This: Here are safe emissions that will not harm your body. They are issued by Swedish EMF association. As you can see the allowed emissions are really low. In the environment today, in most cases all the emissions that surround us break this rule. You can right click on image and select see image to view it in full size.

Cancers And Electromagnetic Fields

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Share This: BrainCancer Brain cancer of the central nervous system (CNS) is not very common. The causes of the disease are primarily unknown, although the same reasons for other types of cancer, such as exposure to chemical and ionizing radiation, smoking, diet, and excessive alcohol consumption re associated with brain cancer. In 1999, Kheifets published a combine analysis of previously published studies of electric utility workers that examined the relation between occupational exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields and risk of brain cancer and leukemia. The connected analysis shows a weak association between exposure to power-frequency fields and both brain cancer …