All new smart TV emmits high radiation – wifi blasts all day long

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I just got a new LG 650 55  inch TV, smart tv, beautiful picture, sound, A perfect package. But what is hidden is that it emitted the high frequency fields every 5 minutes. I measured the intensity of that emission and it was really strong.  Imagine being bombarded with high freuency fields that are known to be harmful all day long from a freaking TV.

The bad thing is that you cant turn it off! There is no switch whatsoever. All the new smart TVs emit radiation all day long. Some Sony models have the option to turn off the WIFI, but I am not sure which and if it really works. Other models like Samsung, Panasonic, do not…

We have come to the era that is really not respecting our health. We are being bombarded with all kind of wireless emissions all the time. So beware when buying a smart TV..I know Samsung emits WIFI all the time…..

But I took the TV to the LG service and they unplug the wifi emitter inside the TV. But beware, if you do that also your Bluetooth might not work. Because in my TV WiFi and Bluetooth are both joined in one module.  So the repairman just disabled the whole module. Now my so called magic remote does not work anymore, a remote that works like a mouse. But the regular IR remote still works.

Also be careful that is you have active 3D glasses, that might stop working too….Because freaking glasses from Samsung have inbuilt emitter in glasses. Bt my LG have passive 3D system, so the glasses do not have any emitter and are just regular plastic 3D glasses.

So now my LG tv is perfectly health friendly, it emits no WIFI and very low low frequency fields, that are not harmful at all.

I am very happy. Nowdays you need EMF meters to check your surroundings all the time. WIFI could be hidden also in baby monitors, and who knows where….wifi emmisions smart TV All new smart TV emmits high radiation   wifi blasts all day long

This is the TV I bought on Amazon, you can check reviews for more info