Adult Leukemia and electromagnetic fields

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Swedish study of adult leukemia and exposure to high electromagnetic fields

A significant study to report an association between cancer and magnetic field exposure in a broad range of industries was conducted by Floderus at the Swedish National Institute of Working Life. The study included an assessment of electric and magnetic exposure at 1015 different workplaces in Sweden and involved over 1600 people in 169 different occupations.

The researchers reported an association between estimated field exposure and increased risk for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). In addition, an increased risk of brain tumors was reported for men under the age of 40 whose work involved an average magnetic field exposure of more than 2 mG.

Another case-control study by Feychting in Sweden included approximately 400,000 subjects who had lived within a range of 300 meters of power transmission lines for at least one year during the period between 1960 and 1985. The researchers found that persons who were exposed to magnetic fields both at home and at workplace are nearly 4 times likely to develop leukemia compared to those who were not exposed to magnetic fields.

Denmark study

Johansen and Olsen conducted a study involving 32,006 men and women who had been employed at 99 electric utilities in Denmark. Their obtained employmenht istory goes back to 1909. Cancer incidents were attained from the cancer registry over the same period. The authors predicted that utility workers have slightly more cancer than expected from general population statistics, with no excess of leukemia, brain cancer, or breast cancer.

electric utilities worker Adult Leukemia and electromagnetic fields