Pubmed Studies of EMF and Microwave Exposure

I collected few of the studies that shows that EMF fields, microwave fields are dangerous to human health. Even though some study shows there is no correlation between EMF fields and health, other study shows there is a strong correlation.

It is better to protect your home and health than to be sorry later on in life.

Correlation between 50 Hz electric fields and cancer study was done in the year between 1978 and 1989. This study shows that there could be a correlation between electric fields and the brain tumor for the exposure to 50 to 60 Hz electric fields, link can be found here

French study claims that radiofrequency fields should be considered as a group 2a, which means a probable human carcinogen under the criteria used by international agency for Cancer research. More info can be found here

Electro Hypersensitivity was described in this article published on pubmed where they claim that the hypersensitivity to EMF fields, especially microwaves is true, this goes for Wi-Fi networks, mobile phones, mobile towers, microwave ovens etc. They don’t know why some individuals are more sensitive than the others. But they claim that the reason for hypersensitivity is exposure to very strong microwave fields even for a brief period of time. You can read more about this study here

Another study shows that power lines emit dangerous EMF fields and are a risk for anybody living close to the power lines. You can read more here

Russian exposing USA embassy to strong microwave fields Pubmed Studies of EMF and Microwave Exposure

Permitted Level Of Radiation – Explained

Here are some of the levels I got from NY article

Here is the NYTimes article where you can read more about levels.

But in short here in Europe, radiation is measured in Sieverts. My radiation meter measures radiation in Micro Sieverts (μSv) per hour.

So I put together few scenarios and as you can see even dental xray is not as dangerous as many people think. On the other hand mammogram brings some concerning amount of radiation. But I already knew about that. People were scared about taking flights with airplane. And as you can see you get like few days dose of normal radiation on ground if you take a flight. So nothing to worry about.

When your accumulated radiation dose reaches 100000 μSv per year, then you should be concerned.

  • 10 μSv – The average radiation you received today
  • 40 μSv – The radiation you receive by taking a flight from New York to L.A.
  • 100 μSv – The radiation you receive during a dental x-ray
  • 800 μSv – Total radiation dose at Three-Mile Island for the duration of the accident
  • 3,000 μSv – Radiation dose from a mammogram
  • 3,600 μSv – Average radiation a US citizen receives in a year from all sources
  • 50,000 μSv – Maximum allowable yearly occupational dose (USA)
  • 100,000 μSv – Lowest yearly dose likely linked to increased cancer risk
  • 2,000,000 μSv – Severe radiation poisoning (sometimes fatal)

Yamaha RX-V677 Radiation Test

Just bought this amp on amazon Yamaha RX-V677 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver. And I love it. I wanted of course to measure high frequency fields of this amp, mostly wireless emissions.

I was really surprised that the amp did not emit any wifi radiation by default. You see it emits wifi only if you plug the antenna a the back of the amp. That is the beauty of  Yamaha amplifiers.

I have seen tests done on Denon amps for example very popular TX-NR626 7.2-Channel amp and they emit radiation all the time. You can of course disable it by going into settings.

I was really surprised that yamaha amps are health friendly especially for people who are concerned with high frequency radiation.

So if you do not plug the small antenna at the back of the amp, the amp will never emit any wifi radiation. It still emit magnetic and electric fields of course, that is why I recommend to keep it as far away from your body as possible especially when you sleep. Learn more on how to protect yourself from radiation in your home


Electro Sensitivity – Is There A Cure For It

I came across a lot of people who were extremely electosensitive. What does it mean to have Electromagnetic hypersensitivity? It means your life is difficult. You are sensitive to many different specters of electro-magnetic fields. You may be sensitive to old cathode TVs, or wireless, or maybe just mobile phones or basically anything that emits EMF fields.

I see people had to go live away from civilization, because we are surrounded by EMF fields all the time. SO these poor people move to special villages, where there is no wireless internet, mobile signal etc…

I know these villages really exist. For example in Sweden and other countries.

For example here is the video of a city like that in USA, where there is no mobile signal, wireless emissions etc.

The symptoms are vast and strong. Some people get really sick, have nausea, physical pain, depression…etc.

What you can do to lessen the symptoms from my experience is to fix your energy system. Your meridian energy system is broken, that is why you experience sch side effects, while other people can sleep with a wireless antenna under pillow and feel nothing.

I myself use tapping, where I tap on specific points on my body to increase the energy flow through my meridians and at the same time I focus on symptoms I experience from EMF exposure.

Check it more on this link

All new smart TV emmits high radiation – wifi blasts all day long

wifi emmisions smart TV All new smart TV emmits high radiation   wifi blasts all day longI just got a new LG 650 55  inch TV, smart tv, beautiful picture, sound, A perfect package. But what is hidden is that it emitted the high frequency fields every 5 minutes. I measured the intensity of that emission and it was really strong.  Imagine being bombarded with high freuency fields that are known to be harmful all day long from a freaking TV.

The bad thing is that you cant turn it off! There is no switch whatsoever. All the new smart TVs emit radiation all day long. Some Sony models have the option to turn off the WIFI, but I am not sure which and if it really works. Other models like Samsung, Panasonic, do not…

We have come to the era that is really not respecting our health. We are being bombarded with all kind of wireless emissions all the time. So beware when buying a smart TV..I know Samsung emits WIFI all the time…..

But I took the TV to the LG service and they unplug the wifi emitter inside the TV. But beware, if you do that also your Bluetooth might not work. Because in my TV WiFi and Bluetooth are both joined in one module.  So the repairman just disabled the whole module. Now my so called magic remote does not work anymore, a remote that works like a mouse. But the regular IR remote still works.

Also be careful that is you have active 3D glasses, that might stop working too….Because freaking glasses from Samsung have inbuilt emitter in glasses. Bt my LG have passive 3D system, so the glasses do not have any emitter and are just regular plastic 3D glasses.

So now my LG tv is perfectly health friendly, it emits no WIFI and very low low frequency fields, that are not harmful at all.

I am very happy. Nowdays you need EMF meters to check your surroundings all the time. WIFI could be hidden also in baby monitors, and who knows where….

This is the TV I bought on Amazon, you can check reviews for more info

Protection fabric against high frequency fields

In this video, I demonstrate how you can avoid getting blasted from high-frequency fields with the HF protective curtains. The curtains look and feel just regular curtains. But they have special materials embedded so they  block microwaves, cell towers, smart meters, wifi from neighbor, radar radiation from military bases and much more.

Also use the HF shielding color that you paint over the walls and that protect your home against outside sources of high frequency radiation.

Here is the video


The radiation of home mobile phone signal enhancer

I was just measuring high frequency fields in clients home. They were afraid that the EMF were too strong. They did not have any signal for mobile phone inside their house or in the vicinity oh their house. So the mobile operator installed them a signal enhancer in their home. What this does is create a strong mobile phone signal in the vicinity of this antenna.

I measured the signal and high frequency fields were really strong. The emissions decreased in the cellar or on the second floor. Seems that this mobile phone signal enhancer was not that powerful and the emissions quickly decreased when you move away from the antenna.

But you should be away like 10 meters at least.

The mobile operator installed this antenna inside their house, near the baby crib. They could put it outside the house. But no, the EMF radiation is not harmful, so they say. And this baby was getting high EMF radiation 24/7. The radiation was much stronger then the phone radiation. I would say 10 times stronger.

In the video below I used the EMF protection fabric to block the emissions. That worked, we tested it and tried to call with mobile phone, there was no signal around the house.
So I suggested to put a fabric in front the antenna between the crib and the radiation source. But later we decided that they should move antenna outside their house.

I mean they were getting very high frequency fields all the time. Having such a source of harmful radiation can be harmful for your health. Even putting the antenna outside the house is harmful, but the emissions decreased because the outside wall of the house was blocking the radiation.

So that worked.

They also installed the fabric on the wall between outside antenna enhancer and their home, bedrooms, baby crib and emissions really decreased.

I am worried for the future of humanity – we are becoming sicker and sicker

I mean this is just crazy. I remember people working hard until they are old. They could walk, work, had stronger bones then now. The rise in knee and hip surgeries have dramatically increased.

Based on this site more and more people are getting TKR (total knee replacement surgery).

Over the past decade, the rate of knee surgeries has risen dramatically from 378,000 in 2003 to an estimated 704,000 in 2012, according to a government report released in 2012. The report also finds that people are getting knee surgery at younger and younger ages.

And I am almost sure why! You remember all these actors, movie stars with strong teeth. Remember our parents, at least most of older generations have no problem with their teeth. They had fillings, maybe caps sometimes, but not often.

However, look into the situation now, young people are getting caps on their teeth, lumineers etc. That did not happen 2 or 3 decades before. People had strong teeth 30, 40 years back.

Same goes for hips. As you see in the quote above, we are getting sicker and sicker.

Our bones are giving up on us.

I know it for myself. When I used that old cathode monitor for computer, now they are replaced with LCDs, I always felt bad after using computer. My teeth started to hurt; they became porous, chip off, my eyesight worsened.

And here is the truth. We are suffering from our society development. We are surrounded with radiation everywhere we go. And EMF fields have strong effect on our bones.

There are studies that people who carried their mobile phone on specific side pocket, they had a problem with that hip exactly. This is just freaking me out. Now you see so many people can’t walk normally. They are all messed up. I remember my grandma. She was vital at 60s, even 70s. Both of my grandmas. They got a hip replacement in 80s, but it was from an accident.

Even so, still look at people now, they have worse and worse bone quality. We have problems with our teeth, starting with teenagers, enamel chipping off, young people getting caps. When I was in high school, every kid had perfect teeth. No caps whatsoever.

What is happening with us is worrying me. I think we are digging our own grave, and nobody see the right picture. People are getting sicker and sicker for various ailments. And still they have their mobile phone on, wireless all the time, etc.

And nobody will tell them that. Government suppresses every proof that EMF fields are dangerous. What can we do?

I think in the future, something needs to change. Alternatively, we will all become part robots, part humans because of high radiation all around us.

Protection fabric for low frequency fields

Here is another video of me doing a test for this EMF protection fabric. And it works for low frequency fields. These are all kinds of electromagnetic emissions from appliances, power lines, computers…

You just simply put it over the windows. It is very good in case you have a power line with strong radiation fields close to your home. In this case, you simply put this fabric over your windows. It is very similar to other curtains in terms of color, softness, fabric. EMF fabric is very light. It comes in white color.

For outside EMF protection for let’s say power lines you would also need MF color to paint over the walls.

Here is the video enjoy…

Definite EMF protection window fabric for high freqency fields that work

Here is the test of our EMF protection fabric that goes over the windows like a curtain. It completely eliminates high-frequency fields from outside sources like your neighbor Wifi, local mobile antenna, military radar emissions, smart meters, etc.

Yes, this can be a definite solution for smart meter radiation. Another thing would be to contact your electric company and opt for analog one. However, in worse case, based on that a person in USA was arrested because she did not want to have smart meter installed. This could be a solution for your home, that protects the window area.

It is a super light and soft fabric, same as the regular curtain. And it looks alike. To protect your home you will also need the EMF paint that you should paint over your walls.

The installment is really easy and quick.

In my video, you can see how effective it is. It lowered the emission from regular iPhone to practically zero. It just works. Simple…